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From The woods to the sea, Pipa Beach is a wonderland.

If you’re looking for contact with nature rest assured that Pipa has it all from walks through native Atlantic forest (see Trails under the Nature Sanctuary) to the clear waters of the sea home to dolphins and turtles alike.
The praia do madeiro and Dolphin Bay are favourite spots of those leaping mammals also known as grey nose and Tucuxi who are found as well in the Amazon and in Guanabara Bay.

At present Projeto Botos de Pipa (from the Federal University of RN) are monitoring our dolphins whereas our turtles are under the protection of Projeto Tamar ( a national project for the preservation of turtles).

Only this year members of this project have found and monitored 150 turtles nests along our shores accompanying the newly hatched turtles to the sea. Considering that the adult turtle can lay 120 eggs in each nest, on average, this means that between 2001 and 2003 more than 40,000 newly hatched turtles ran across our beaches to the sea.

IMPORTANT:For the greater protection of those young turtles please do not throw ice cream wrappers, cans, cigarette ends or plastic bags on our beaches; don’t take buggy or horse rides along the beach where there are signs of nests hatching and do not shine lights on the turtles at night. With these simple measures you will be able to enjoy the wonders of this tropical paradise whilst contributing to the care of our environment ensuring its continuing beauty.

Ecological Sanctuary
Man working in harmony with nature. Thinking globally, acting locally...
Ecological Sanctuary
Man working in harmony with nature. Thinking globally, acting locally...
Saguis (little monkeys)
They are very common in the area and quite tame due to the amount of contact they’ve had with humans.
Bem-te-vi bird
The most popular bird of our country, and very present in Praia da Pipa, the "bem-te-vi" (Great Kiskadee) has regular rounded wings and elongated tail.
One of the most appreciated inhabitants of Praia da Pipa are the swift and enchanting hummingbirds.
The Great Egret (Ardea Alba) enchants us with its grace. It is a bird of the Pelecaniformes family, very common around lakes, rivers and wetlands.
In Praia da Pipa it is common to meet one of these exotic reptiles on branches, on the beaches and on roofs, where they recharge their solar batteries in order to keep their cold blood warm.
Our little friends who sing and enchant in Pipa Beach measure an average length of 16 centimeters, with distinct white and black markings, and emit a long and strident whistle.
Anyone who has heard or seen the tropical mockingbird knows what a curious bird it is.
The white eared opossum, or Timbu, as it is known here in the region, is famous for its unpleasant smell which emanates from its armpits when threatened.
This vulture, apart from being an expert glider which performs the function of cleaning exposed animal detritus, is also known as an excellent aerial hunter.