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Tibau do Sul
With beach huts for GuaraĆ­ras lagoon and the sea. To go with family or friends, cooling off with a cool drink and sample fresh fish.
Giz Beach
Good for surfing. A good walk or ride. Practically deserted. That's where the tip of the Day Use Pirambu.
Malemba Beach
Deserted and intact. Along the open sea, is straight, with coral, soft waves, soft white sand. Access is by ferry from Tibau do Sul Good for fishing and kite
GuaraĆ­ras Lagoon
This beautiful place offers the opportunity to hear the mangroves, shrimp ponds, see dolphins at high tide, and fishing. Great to enjoy the sunset seen from the Hotel Marinas
And soft white sand, shells, rocks and dunes. Despite the beach huts is very quiet. Access by stairs. Must stop before reaching the Pipa, with the best overview of the region
Madeiro Beach
With an exuberant nature bordered by coconut trees, has a calm bay with small waves, great for swimming. If you are lucky you can still watch the show natural dolphin
Dolphin`s Bay
Preferred the Dolphins Corral Beach is ideal for one wants to have greater contact with these mammals. They usually receive their visitors with jumps and stunts sea.
Main Beach
This beach is family-type due to its proximity to the center of Pipa. Ideal for those who want to see people and eat at the seaside. At low tide formed ponds of warm waters
Love Beach
The beach of Love and Drowning is one of the best surf points in the northeast, with waves all year round. At the other end of the bay, the beach of Love, offers hot pools, a beautiful setting for meetings.
Mines Beach
The only Pipa with direct access, the beach of Mines is the largest in the region and favorite turtles. An ideal place for those who like privacy and walking.
Sibauma Beach
Old Maroon, the town of SibaĆŗma is still a small native village, despite the recent constructions. The beach is long and deserted. It is the last municipality of Tibau do Sul
Barra do CunhaĆŗ
Close your eyes and imagine a river flowing on a beach. The image that came to mind was heavenly and wonderful? His mind was right, this is CunhaĆŗ Bar.